Meet Net.

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A Thai native, Net started off her career working in Singapore in the big old boys’ club: advertising. Don’t get her wrong, she loved her job. She just didn’t love marketing things that didn’t mean anything to her.

After founding the CSR initiative for her company, she quickly realized there was a soft spot where passion can actually meet profession. So she decided to switch gears. Fast.

She is now based in London and currently pursuing a MSc in Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship at LSE.

Net completed her Bachelor’s degree from NYU where she was part of the Feminist Club. In Singapore, Net was also part of AWARE, Singapore’s leading gender equality advocacy group.

Meet Julie.


Julie is French, from Paris. She studied literature and human sciences before volunteering with various non-profits in France, Cambodia and Colombia.

During her Master in Political Philosophy and Ethics at Paris Sorbonne university, she focused her work on gender based discrimination and global inequalities. She developed an interest for the mechanisms leading to extreme violence. And soon decided to use her skills to make a difference on ground.

In February 2017, she left for Mumbai to work for a local anti-trafficking organization. There, she met with survivors, heard their stories and felt an overwhelming loss of potential. It led her back to India a year later where she began building a network for ila.

She is now studying Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in London at the LSE.