The only space where passion and profession meet. At ilaX we give ila generation members and corporations the opportunity to talk social change.


Art that speaks for those who can’t.

Speakers that inspire you to do more.

Leaders who listen to what you have to say.

Our events strive to curate artwork all over the world from artists in London to New York to Bangkok to Mumbai. It is a space to showcase what creativity can lead to.

We’re reinventing the panel. By inviting guest speakers from various industries, speakers with something new, something thought provoking to say and different ways to say them. It’s not a sit down and listen type of event. It’s a sit down, stand up, get your mind-blown type event.

This is your chance to have meaningful conversations with industry leaders, those who have the influence to make large-scale change. Come with open ears and be prepared to change your mind. That’s the beauty of it.