We invest in change.

A for-profit enterprise that has at its core, a social mission. An organization that aims to change the system from within while playing by the rules of business.

Our goal is to be financially sustainable - the same way we hope our survivors will one day be too.


We create professional opportunities around the world.

ila connects young professionals from around the world and provides a space where they can interact & collaborate.

We aim to create an inclusive network where you get as much as you give.

We believe everyone has something to share, whether it’s a story or a skill.


We support a generation of game changers.

ila is more than just a network, it’s a whole generation.

Our vision is that what we do here today will remain for generations to come.

Be part of the ila Generation today.


We treat every member of the network as equals.

We define sexual violence survivors not by the tragedies of their past but by the potential of their futures. To us, it doesn’t matter if you’re a survivor or a social entrepreneur or a CEO. If you’re part of the ila Generation, you’re part of it because you believe in equality in all aspects of the word.