Breaking the cycle of gender discrimination


The problem

Today, 130 million girls are out of school and don’t receive the education they need to secure a better future. Without a diploma or qualified training, one’s chances to enter the job market are thin.

Many women and girls around the world are financially dependent which means they don’t have skills up to market standards and have very few means of survival if left alone. In this situation, they are very unlikely to leave a violent household or even report any form of abuse. And for women and girls, violence is a reality. It is estimated that a girl dies from violence every five minutes in the world.

In an economically stressful situation, they are more likely to follow anybody who promises them a job away from their home if it can help their family. Human trafficking follows the pattern of economic migration and the most vulnerable areas are the ones where poverty rates are high. However, in 2018, 71% of trafficking victims globally were women and girls. The ones that lack both professional skills and exposure to the world.

When identified as a sexual violence survivor, it is very hard to reintegrate back into society or even find a job which leads a great amount of women to redlight areas.

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Where ila comes in

For us, change starts with skills-training and respect. The ila training program is made to give sexual violence survivors access to the job market while regaining confidence in their capacities and self-esteem. But we don’t want to stop here.

We bring young professionals and corporations on board to support our trainees and learn from them. We champion them to question gender stereotypes and catalyze systemic change starting with themselves.

We believe examples are triggering change and that nothing is more inspirational than somebody who breaks barriers to follow her/his passion(s). Because we believe that impact starts with individuals, and just one individual can create a ripple effect. Starting with our trainees.

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