Our Vision

Championing a generation of individuals to catalyze system change.

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ila [eye-la]

/noun/ Sanskrit name for the Goddess of Speech.

ila was born from our vision to connect like-minded people. Young professionals who think outside the box of what’s possible and know that there’s a space where passion meets profession. People who want more flexibility, more diversity. People who value difference and aren’t afraid to question change. People who believe in equality, in all senses of the word.

We call them the ila Generation.

Whether we like it or not, gender affects every aspect of our lives. From the way we perceive ourselves, what we think we can or are allowed to do, to the respect and the love we think we deserve.

ila offers an inclusive space where individuality is championed. We believe the ila Generation has an infinite wealth of knowledge, we’re not limiting it to those who can inspire but those who want to be inspired. We’re giving access to women from deprived backgrounds (sexual violence survivors) who otherwise would not have the opportunities to meet and learn about alternative careers.

Why focus on sexual violence survivors?

It’s because for us, gender based violence is the most extreme expression of gender inequality. And we want to tackle the problem where it hurts the most.

Why the training programs?

Education is the foundation of change and we want to equip these survivors with the necessary hard and soft skills they’ll need to be financially independent.

What does success look like?

For us, it’s quality over quantity. Even if it’s just 1 woman who has successfully completed the ila training program. Even if it’s just 1 woman who has managed to secure a stable job. Or started her own business. Or created a life she’s proud to call her own. That’s 1 more woman who is part of the ila Generation.

We believe in ila and all its members. We believe in the change our generation is already imposing onto the world. And we believe in you.

Won’t you join us?

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Net & Julie
Co-founders of ila